2019 02


One of the key things to know when you’re betting is what kind of bet to place. There are six different bets that can be placed in sports betting.

Types of Bets

These include predicting the winner of the event, predicting the point spread, margin of victory, over/under, and total game score.

Bets Explained

The first bet is predicting the winner of an event. This means correctly choosing who will win a sporting event.

The second bet is predicting the point spread for the game. That means correctly guessing how many points one team will beat the other by on a game-by-game basis.

The third bet is predicting the margin of victory for each team in a given game or round.

This means predicting how many points a team will win by for every four quarters, halves, periods, etc.

The fourth type of sports betting is predicating an over/under number for total points scored during a game or round – that’s called an over/under bet.

Last but not least, there are predictions for how many games will go into overtime during a match-up: this is sometimes referred to as “overtime wagers.”