What Makes Online Poker in South Korea More Enjoyable than Live Poker?

Kaypoker is a widely used online poker platform in South Korea offering SSS Poker, which poker pros understand as Short Stack Strategy. Strategically playing SSS Poker denotes playing with a stack of chips that is much shorter than the regular stack of chips played in poker tables.

Actually, the term short stacks strategy is no longer as frequently used in poker tournaments. It simply refers to playing with minimal or with the least amount of chips at the tournament table. Generally the value of a short stack is below the value of 20 poker blinds. The blinds being the mandatory wager that players must stake on the table before the cards are dealt.

Online Poker as an Alternative Betting Market to Seasonal Sports Betting

off season in sportsSouth Koreans are also sports betting enthusiasts, but the sports betting markets are seasonal. That is in light of the winter and even summer seasons. It’s the time when players are in a furlough since extenuating circumstances like snowstorms, typhoons, hurricanes and flooding can disrupt the schedules of events. While live poler is undeniably an exhilarating experience, there are greater benefits when playing poker online.

Benefits Derived from Playing Poker via the Internet

Although engaging in any form of gambling is illegal in South Korea, many techno-savvy gamblers and gamers play only at sites that use Virtual Private Network (VPN) as means of communicating with customers. Besides, Korean gamblers enjoy the following benefits when playing poker online:

Convenience of Playing Poker Online

First and foremost is the convenience of joining poker tables while each player stays within the comfort of their respective home. Typically, going to clubs or casinos that offer live poker games entail looking for a parking space, or riding a public transport which limits one’s playing time.

In South Korea, local punters face greater hassles if they are to play in a local casino. Mainly because the only casino where they can gamble publicly and legally is in Kangwon Land Casino. It’s an integrated casino-resort complex located at the foot of Daedunsan Mountain in Jeongseon-gun in the remote province of Gangwon-do.

Maximize One’s Betting Money

A player can maximize his gambling money by eliminating the need to pay for transport or fuel, as well as buy food and drinks when playing live poker in a club or casino.

Comfortable Waiting Environment

Waiting in line for a vacant seat at a poker table is not a big deal since a player is within the comfort zone of his home.

Playing in Multiple Tables

An online poker player can join in multiple tables; a feat impossible to achieve with success in live games. Even if one loses a bet on one table, he can recoup losses in another table, especially where his other hands have stronger and greater potential to win.

Sports Betting in Indonesia – Why VPN is Important in an Online Sportsbook

ricky yakobi indonesian football starWhen it comes to choosing an online platform in which to open a sports betting account, the danaggofficial.com sportsbook comes highly recommended. In Indonesia, the Danagg online sportsbook provides a secure platform supported by a reliable online payment system and a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Why is VPN an Important Element in Indonesian Online Gambling

A countless number of bookmakers worldwide offer competitive odds on a vast selection of major sports competitions. However not all governments allow their citizens to engage in gambling. Indonesia for one bans gambling as a form of entertainment in light of the Islamic laws prevailing in the nation. In such cases, a VPN is an important factor when choosing an online gambling site.

A VPN is a secure communication technology that allows users to stay incognito while exchanging encrypted data through a private network that masks IP addresses, while avoiding Internet blocks and firewall filters. Once Danagg customers get connected to the site’s VPN, they can access a vast selection of local and international betting markets covering major sports events.

Moreover, this Indonesia facing website offers betting odds that can boost the prizes players take home after placing successful sports wagers

A Quick Close Look at the Asian Handicap Betting System

There’s no doubt that fascination for sports betting in Indonesia is deeply ingrained in the nation’s people. A betting system known as Asian Handicap, which originated in Indonesia had gained widespread popularity across different countries during the current 21st century.

Asian Handicap is a form of spread betting on football matches, expressed by way of a number affixed with plus or minus appearing next to the sports team.

Example of How the Indonesian/Asian Handicap Betting Works

To cite an example, a (+ -)2.5 betting odds requires that a team recognized as a stronger contender will have a handicap of 2.5 points at the start of the game. On the other hand, the weaker contender or the football team deemed as less likely to win will start in the game with a + 2.5 score.

This type of betting odds is designed to even out the advantage of a popular football team because of its highly successful track record. Let’s say the match ended with a 3.0 score. The outcome does not automatically make those who placed bets on the strong team the winners of a successful bet.
The strong team must end the game with a score of 5.5 to enable bettors to collect winnings.

Since the zero score of the weak team will increase by the 2.5 betting handicap given as starting score, the weak team will end the game with a handicap betting score of 2.5 points despite the zero result.In which case, the bookmaker wins while the weak-team bettor gets a refund.