An Overview of NFL Player Props Betting for Novices

Player props betting is an intriguing and more popular option within the wide world of NFL betting. Instead of conventional bets on game results, player props let you place bets on particular player performances during a game. 

Understanding Player Props

Player props, or proposition bets, are bets on specific player performances or game outcomes during an NFL game. These could be wagers on receiving yards, throwing yards, touchdowns scored by the rush, or even more unusual events like a player scoring a touchdown in the first quarter.

Player prop types include:

Yardage Props

These wagers estimate the total number of yards a player will accumulate in a particular statistical category, such as receiving, running, or passing yards.

Touchdown Props

In this scenario, you wager on which player will score a touchdown at any point throughout the contest.

Receptions Props

This kind of prop predicts the number of receptions a player makes during the game.

Performance Props

Performance props are wagers that focus on a player’s numerous statistical accomplishments, such as the number of tackles or sacks made by a defensive lineman or player on defense.

Investigating and Examining

Do extensive study and analysis to ensure that your wagers on player props are well-informed. Consider elements like player ailments, previous results, games against rival defenses, and meteorological situations that could affect a player’s performance.


A distinctive and thrilling method of getting more involved with football games at a more granular level is through NFL player prop betting. By comprehending the many kinds of player props, investigating, and prudent bankroll management, you can improve your betting experience and possibly reap some financial rewards.